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Individual Coaching

Youth Leadership remains passionate about coming alongside of leaders in children’s, youth and family ministry. We help you get to a new level in your ministry, better know yourself, and understand your sense of calling. Coaches facilitate conversations to foster space for personal growth and ministry development.

Individual Coaching Youth Leadership

Coaching enables you to see different alternatives and to take a step back to examine your life and ministry. Rather than telling you the answers, a coach serves as the catalyst asking challenging and thought provoking questions to help unlock your potential. Coaches listen to help you gain confidence, clarify your career path, enhance relationships, and work through the barriers you’re experiencing.

Church Consulting

Churches often have “defining moments” in their history–positive and negative. At these times there’s a clear need for thoughtful reflection and assessment of the past, present and future. Three examples of what Youth Leadership can help with include (a) helping a church and its leadership gain clarity of vision and strategy; (b) clarifying core values of youth and family ministry, building a clear understanding of the future while providing a safe place to heal from the past; and (c) assisting a search committee/leading search process for a new youth pastor.

Church consulting is not a quick fix, but it provides a process to clarify core values, re-name mission and vision, and increase ownership for a new future. This process includes an honest assessment of the present reality, a safe place to discuss hopes and dreams for youth and family ministry, and identifying key markers for a new blueprint which will be owned by a broad coalition of people and implemented.

Staff Searches

One of the Church Consulting options is to assist or lead a church’s youth ministry staff search. We’re proud to partner with Ministry-Transitions in offering this service to help you with your staffing needs. From consulting with your search team to taking the lead on the whole process, we’re here to help your church get to where you’d like to be.

Church Consulting Youth Leadership

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